Fall 2017 Update:

SRJC has conducted a number of Board Study Sessions to review the boundaries for the five current trustee areas. The District hired legal counsel and a demographer to investigate the issues, to provide historical perspective, to provide an overview of process and costs and to explore possible adjustments in the boundaries to create seven individual trustee areas. The Trustees also listened to community input on the potential for boundary adjustments.

Based on information received and the likelihood that boundaries would need to be revised with the upcoming Federal Census in 2020, the recommendation going forward is for the Board of Trustees to address this matter at that time.

The boundary adjustments would then reflect the up-to-date 2020 Census Data and thus avoid multiple adjustments to boundaries, potential voter confusion and significant additional costs to the District. As the District recently cut 4% of its general fund budget in order to address lowered income due to declining enrollment, it makes the most economic sense to enact boundary changes at that time.  



Proposed Maps

Past Presentations

Public Hearings

  • Opportunity for Public to Give Input Regarding SCJCD Areas 3, 4, 5: Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016, 4:00pm Board Meeting
  • Opportunity for Public to Review and Provide Input on Possible Criteria to Be Used to Develop New Trustee Area Boundaries: Tuesday, May 11, 2016, 4:00pm Board Meeting