SRJC Ad Hoc Racial Justice Committee of Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees established the SRJC Board of Trustees Ad Hoc Racial Justice Committee in December 2020.

The Committee is established to support the efforts of SRJC to implement the Board of Trustees Resolution 15-20, Resolution in Support of Solidarity with Black/African American Community and Commitment to Greater Equity and Anti-Racism.  Specifically, the Committee will address these goals of Board Resolution 15-20:

“RESOLVED, that the Board supports open and respectful dialogue to implement actionable policies that will address campus climate, support inclusive classrooms and anti-racism curriculum review, promote diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring and retention, and review equity plans and procedures. At the state level, the Board supports system wide review of law enforcement officers and first responder training and curriculum. We commit to advocate for the needed resources to support college action plans and to continually measure our progress to hold ourselves accountable for making progress.”

Committee tasks may include:

  • Review current policies, programs, and procedures
  • Provide input on priorities and agenda setting
  • Review proposals, and changes to policies and programs, including the BSU Demands of July 15, 2020
  • Assess and monitor implementation

While the Committee provides input and oversight, and makes recommendations to the Board, or to other college groups, it is not a policy making group, and has no fiduciary or administrative authority.

Members of the committee are listed below:

  • Delashay Carmona Benson, Student
  • Devanshi Unadkat, Faculty
  • Dorothy Battenfeld, Board of Trustees
  • Elizabeth Escalante, Community
  • Frank Chong, President's Office
  • Gerald L. Jones, J. D., Community
  • Greg Granderson, Community
  • Jesus Guzman, Community
  • Justin J Smith, Faculty
  • Malena Hernandez, Classified Professionals
  • Mariana Martinez, Board of Trustees
  • Pedro Avila, Administration
  • Regina Mahiri, Classified Professionals
  • Robert Brownlee, Administration
  • Sabrina Rawson, Community

Committee meets every other month, second Thursday of the month at 2pm; meeting agendas and minutes can be found at the following link