Board Policy and Administrative Procedures

Santa Rosa Junior College subscribes to the Community College League of California (CCLC) Policy and Procedure Service.  The service provides template language for over 400 board policies (BPs) and administrative procedures (APs) for California community colleges.  All policies and procedures are reviewed and revised in accordance with the CCLC recommended templates and numbering system.

Effective May 2021, board policies and administrative procedures are modified using the CCLC templates, updates provided by CCLC and revisions recommended by the cabinet administrator charged with maintenance of a specific chapter. 

Chapter 1: The District — Superintendent/President
Chapter 2: Board of Trustees — Superintendent/President
Chapter 3: General Institution — Superintendent/President OR Designee
Chapter 4: Academic Affairs — Vice President, Academic Affairs​
Chapter 5: Student Services — Vice President, Student Services
Chapter 6: Business and Fiscal Affairs — Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services​
Chapter 7: Human Resources — Vice President, Human Resources​

The process assures that college constituent groups and relevant governance committees continue to be informed of the proposed changes and given the opportunity for input into the process which is overseen by constituent group representatives on College Council.

As the district uses the service, local district control over policies and procedures will be maintained to the maximum degree possible.  The language in the templates reflects the minimum that is legally required or advised.  The district has the flexibility to adapt the template language to reflect local conditions and culture using its own policy and procedure development process.  While the district will use the CCLC numbering system and placement in chapters, the level of detail in policies and procedures, and policies and procedures beyond those provided by the CCLC will be adjusted as necessary.