Updated Ongoing Review Process

The recommended ongoing review process is aimed at streamlining College Council's role.  It allows the council to facilitate the process by ensuring review timelines are adhered to and each review cycle is followed utilizing the work that is provided through the legal updates.

  1. The cabinet administrator will review, together with appropriate staff, the changes recommended by internal sources and as part of annual review (i.e. legal updates) and the comprehensive review cycle.   
  2. The cabinet administrator will then work with constituent groups and other stakeholders, through College Council and will move forward through the approval process.   
  3. New and revised policy/procedure will be presented to College Council for information.  After College Council, the proposed changes will be presented to the Board of Trustees as an information item for a first reading– no action.
  4. Board Policies will go to the Board as an action item the following Board meeting for a second read and adoption.
  5. Administrative Procedures will be approved by the Superintendent/President and Cabinet and presented at a Board meeting as an information item and preferably with the associated board policy.  The Superintendent/President has approval authority for Administrative Procedures.


Annual Review

Biannual legal updates from CCLC are issued in April and October.  These alert the district to changes in the statutes, regulations, or practice which will ensure that SRJC has up-to-date and useful policies and procedures.  The district will align with the schedule of these updates while completing the full transition simultaneously.

annual review process

Comprehensive Review

Comprehensive Review is the six-year cycle review.  It is scheduled to begin at the end of the full transition.  The annual and comprehensive reviews are conducted concurrently and scheduled so as to create a realistic and efficient workflow for reviewing groups. The need for timely and continuous review of BPs and APs is driven by SRJC’s commitment to fulfilling the district’s mission in service to students, maintaining legal and regulatory compliance, providing clarity regarding district policies, and coinciding with accreditation standards. 

comprehensive review process


comprehensive six year review cycle